May 5th 2015 ❤
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May 5th 🎂

Yes, that one time in the year when I think "hey, I'm getting older" and today is just like any other normal; gloomy day. But I am more than grateful for the another year of my life.

I never celebrate my day with a fancy - foods balloons cakes peoples gifts suprises party etc etc since usually I end up musing about my life - alone somewhere in a corner. But I have blessings and reasons to be grateful about.

Its has been 20 years that I actually understand the veridical of life now. I'm thankful for all the confusing broad experiences I've gained throughout my life. Bad or good - molded me to who I am now. There must be, for sure a lots of things awaits ahead.

I came to realize that.. life is short to feel melancholia. Tomorrow might not be there so I have reached a point where I understand the need to accept few simple facts of life. The urge need to open my heart and accept everything that took place in my life. And to that, with an open heart - I'd like to express my sincere apologies to everyone.

Whatever it is, thank you everyone for the warm birthday wishes. And, of course - thank you mama papa for everything! 

Picture taken at Uchisar, Cappadocia, Turkey.

 Love, AH.


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