I have decided to be HAPPY!
Thursday, April 10, 2014 • 10:51 PM • 2 comments

So.. I was in so much pressure. I feel very down, frustrated, sad, angry, hurt, stress, irritated, ashamed, guilty, exasperated, despaired, disappointed, emotionally empty and what not? But then, few days ago - I made myself busy, very busy perhaps. I attended Fardhu Ayn Assesment Camp at ENMS and right after that I rushed back to Mahallah Maryam to catch the bus to CFS IIUM PJ for #SMAC14 as a committee. I cheered for #ECONSmania like crazy I must say, so - I felt superb about it. 

 A day after that, I went to Rumah Amal Siraman Kasih, for a charity event under FRC. I missed my Mawar Rose's girls so much, seven of them - Zamila, Hajar, Syafiqah, Mubaroqah, Burah, Maimunah, and Ain Atikah. Most of these kids relate mostly with each other and others from similar backgrounds. These children are emotionally vulnerable, they have been abandoned and they want someone they can trust. The most vivid memory from this trip for me was that when they said, " Nak salam dgn Kak Hawa. Nanti rindu.. "  I was jubilant, and I felt so vivacious.

Well, I'm trying to be positive as I could. I tried to make myself busy with life. Trying to make peace with my past so it won't disturb my present. Surely, what other people think of me is beyond my control. People are always an expert in judging others - a good reason why I love animals because animals don't judge you. You think you know me? You absolutely have no idea. You don't know me? Then, don't judge me. Don't judge me until you know me. You have no idea of mine or anyone's journey are all about. Plus, no one is in charge of my happiness except for me. I also stopped thinking too much from the beginning of the day. As long as I live, I will keep on smiling because it brightens everybody's day, and they do deserve to be greeted with a beautiful smile. You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have. Life doesn't get easier, but you just get stronger.

And I do believe, whatever happened - be it good or bad or both, happened for a reason. And that reason, is the best of the best Allah SWT could give us. I put my faith and trust only to Him. It's an optimistic statement and it's true. Sometimes our experiences in life, is unacceptable. At that time, we don't see good in them. In the end, they build character in us, making us stronger to live our life. As human beings, we can't learn or appreciate things unless it's learned the hard way. So whatever happened to us, good or bad or maybe both - it happened for a good reason. To teach us and to strengthen us. Enjoy looking forward to learn a new lesson each day -- enjoy the journey, create your life and live it!

"Worship Allah and associate nothing with Him - and to parents do good, and to relatives, the orphans, the needy, the near neighbour, the neighbour farther away, the companion at your side, the traveler, and those whom your right hands possess ( slaves ). Indeed, Allah does not like those who are proud and boastful. " [ Al-Qur'an Surah Nisa 4:36 ]

 I HAVE DECIDED TO BE HAPPY. Starting to sort out my life's bucket list. Aasif jiddan for my wrongdoings, world ♡


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