OXCEL Youth Leadership Programme With Malaysian Astronaut !
Monday, November 1, 2010 • 4:06 PM • 0 comments

so, i was there on last saturday ; was overjoyed ! nothing much i can talk 'bout it. but surely, it was an amazing day as for me, it was my first time, face-to-face with our the ones and my 'beloved' Malaysian Astronaut. he's there for a talk 'bout his journey to space actually, non more non less. i can say that, he is sooooooo good-looking man. gee. ;3
well, i don't actually understand what the program main subject.
but, here's a few points i got there. :)

by mr. nick ackenson ;

it's a two way street  & choose your word.
. i talk you listen, you talk i listen.
. look good, feel good.

our growth is determined by the size of world.

Mahatma Gandhi stated;
  " you must be the change you want to see."

dont be afraid to to do something different, try something different. it's all about changes.

the english languange facts;
. a global/ international language
. over 80 millions people speak english
. it's a good thing

always on time;
. always leave in plenty of time
. if a delay accurs let people know
. everyone's time is valuable
. punctuality breeds credibility

something to think about;
. belief
. character
. image
. example
. communication
. growth
. english
. time
. capability

by mr. christopher hill .
( the OXCEL  Asia Pacific Director )

. learning is active, not pasife
. climate of education is changing implications
. education is also concerned with the business of education

by mr. malaysian astronaut.

. taikonaut = China
. cosmonaut = Russia
. astronaut = United State
. angkasawan = Malaysia

. there's 2.5 millions of galaxy
. Malaysia spent about 25 millions US Dollar for his 12 days journey.
. 2017, Japan has planned to build a hotel at the space.
. strategic location to launch a rocket in Malaysia in at Tawau, Sabah
. ISS temperature same as earth's temp at 21-22 celcius

that's all i got. there's a few more, but as i can't understand what i've 'noted'. ciss.
anyway, here's a few photos captured there. lol. ._.''

ps; happy 1st November 2010 ! lol. ._.''


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