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Do you wanna know when it's over? 

You are no longer attached to the feelings. You can't even recall the best memories you have had with them. You can listen to the songs that reminds you to them. When you meet someone new and they asks if you have a boyfriend, and you go like "nope" directly instead of "I used to have a boyfriend but we broke up already". You never think or care about them anymore. You no longer wish to receive their calls or texts or see them in person. You don't even remember how they look like, how their voice or laugh sounds like. It's like... they are no longer ever exist in your life. You live a delightful life, your emotions becoming stable and anything else become constant in a good way. But whats important is how you live your life without them. And how you make most out of it. 

That's how you know everything is over. 


These people talk like they didn't know how big the damage they've done to you. Unspeakable damages. They never realised and will never understand how hurt you are, your sufferings. Apparently, they never think about it at all. You were crying inside so loud because it hurts so much. Seems like the wounds are not going to heal. The pain they did to you is actually so much bigger than they thought it were. 

But you know the rules. You know how karma works. No matter how hurts or bad they treat you, there's nothing much you can do than letting them go. Whoever hurts you, they will feel the exact same pain too sooner or later. And if you're lucky enough, you will get to see their life devastated by it. Nobody can run away from karma bitches. Give up, step back and let the karma do what it needs to do.

This is where the actions of forgiving people take its important place. You did it for yourself, not for them so that you can let go and move on with your life. To live a good life. To shape a better future, without them. Easy to forgive doesn't mean you're a surrender. It means your heart is pure with the love of Allah swt. 

Remember, you set them free so they can live their life the way they wanted to. You lost someone who hurts you but they lost someone who care about them, who wants the best for their life. That's the difference. You probably think you lost the love you love the most, but yeah, you know how life works. Everything gets better at the end. It's time for a fresh start, a new life-- get out there again, meet new people, make new friends, go for a healthier relationship, have fun, enjoy the life, be a better person yada yada yada..

And most importantly, find your soulmate you've dream of. If you think you've love your exes so damn hard enough, wait until you love your soulmate ❤☺


Do not afraid to lose what needs to be lost. 
Indecisions is decision.

No worry, Amirah Hawa ❤

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I know it was one of the hardest decision I've ever done but it was a fine decision too. And guess what? I just did something so right for everyone. 

I guess experiences really play it role now- to educate. You don't mingle around and repeat the same mistakes all over again, do you? You learnt from it no matter how hard or easy, bad or good it was.

Yes I know... it was kinda blue, oh and the funniest part is, instead of waiting the definite time that I "will" be neglected or unappreciated again(!) like they always did, let them go was a correct thing to do. I did that to avoid myself from making another mistake. To avoid them from making another pain so there will be no more heartbreaks. Learnt from the past.

So yeah, not giving another chance is a right thing to do. Not everyone deserve that so many chances. Put aside feelings or whatsoever because once in a while, it's not about deserving better but it's about proving the love. How they treat you are how they feel about you. They treat you crap-- they feel crap about you. If they treat you bad, there must be something wrong with them. I guess I've never learn this one somehow. But now I know..

At this point I believe I have reached "nah I don't care, I'll find someone new" phase. Sure, it hurts so much losing someone I love unconditionally but whats a rainbow without it rains? Thank you Allah swt for making me realized that he's not the right one for me in this very short period..

Oh and,

I won't do that "I'll laugh but I'm sad too" anymore. It's not worth living being sad for something that doesn't even worth to be sad on. I have so much more in my life to offer to someone who needs it best.

I have a very simple but strong principle-- don't do things you don't want people do to you. So, trust me, the vengeance at its best is when you KILL them with your kindness, and happiness.

Remember; in every NO from someone is a YES to someone better.

Don't be afraid,
to leave people who make you sad.
Find someone,
who will make you delirious.

Be happy, Amirah Hawa ❤

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Remember years ago, you feel like running away from life?

Remember when you cried yourself out every single night to sleep? Remember when you chased after someone who doesn't even want to be with you, sold you out but came back just to betrayed you twice? How misused you were that time, was unexplained. Worst is, everybody blame you. Even worst, you lost your mind before you came to life. How feeble. 

However that moment of your life, is here again.

Different experiences, different lessons to learn, different in every kind of way.

You can not make people to appreciate you, to know that you are there for them.

They expect us to change. Without them not trying to as well.

They said they will change accordingly to you. Perhaps they forgot they the one who causes the pain. They said they will change, but things stay exactly the same they always were. There are not even assurance or guarantee or promises of how things should be. No efforts of wanting you in their life at all. They do not need, want or love you. They can live without you.

Yes, that's the truth.

They think, time however gonna heals you. Not any chance what they thought is true. It is impossible the pain will gone just like that. You will not be you anymore if that's so. You gave your all; your heart and soul, but what did they give you in return? Ask yourself, is this the life you wanted to live in? Because no matter how badly u miss or love them, always remember- losing someone who doesn't respect or appreciate you is actually a gain, not a loss. Just face it, there are a lot way more of 'why' you have to lose them. This is not the end, it's just begun. 

They also said- you deserves better than them. For quite a moment you've been wondering if it's true that you deserved better? Well I guess you have the answer now. It's not you who deserves better, but they are. What is promised is that, you will gain much better and a lot more after this. Be patience. Things will fall together when the right time comes. Because, you know what? It's amazing that how you have been abused mentally and psychologically, been stabbed on the back, been lied to, being cheated on, getting betrayed over and over again, where the fact that, you are kind to them and have always been that way. No matter how severely bad they mistreat you, you've always be kind to them and still wanting the best for them even when it kills you. This thoughtful isn't easy to bury in yourself. Be proud!

Life will remain unfair as the way it is. There's nothing you can do to outrun it but what you can do is, make peace with your past, they're in your past for a reason. You will get over this. Don't look back, move on and seize the future.

Everyone knows how strong you are. I know it's getting even harder and tougher where life takes you but you are also getting stronger. Be good, be kind-er,and be more compassionate!

 If you can do it once, you definitely can do it again

Now it's time- time to be exactly the person you've always wanted to be.
Be the better version of you.

Pain changes people.
Time heals. But,
Life is short so,
don't complicate it.

Have faith,
Amirah Hawa ❤


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